Borilicious Collab by Japi

At Japi, we like to think of a collab as the matching of intangible values between the collaborators, a shared vision. What those values are, we seldom truly know, but when we all feel Japi, we know we’ve found it.  

As such, our second collaboration builds on the idea of working with someone who is redefining boundaries in their art of choice. 

Thru his unique approach to cooking, Borilicious speaks to his audience by using his authentic voice and persona. By showcasing who he truly is, he’s managed to demystify cooking for all us.

This approach truly represents the values Japi builds on: To follow your path by being your authentic self. We feel confident Bori is just beginning to emerge into the powerhouse he is destined to be as he brings others JAPINESS doing what he LOVES. 

We Hope you enjoy “Japilicious” : a true representation of the things that inspire Bori, JAPIFIED..

The Collection