Welcome to Japi, we’re Happy you’re here. 

In Spanish, the J in Japi is pronounced as an H; so, it is pronounced like JA JA JA or HA HA HA, all the same. So Japi = Happy. 

Why Spanish and why Japi? Simple, Japi was borne in 2013 amongst a group of friends in the Spanish speaking island of Puerto Rico. It was there that the founders of Japi came together around an idea of building a brand focused on the lifestyle of all things good and positive. A brand that was inclusive and not exclusive. A theme around celebrating the things that make us Japi and doing more of them!

For us the Japi Life centers around a lifestyle of dawn patrol surf days, sunset sessions, midnight bowl skate jams, camp outs, road trips, music festivals and a continued sense of adventure.  Japi is our way of continuing to live and promote said lifestyle. To live our Japi dreams. To enjoy the ride and pass the torch.

These common themes drive our unique brand identity, our signature messaging (see our collections) and mindful perspective on how to approach growth, while staying true to our core values. 

Come check us out at our signature store in Puerto Rico or visit us online to get your Japi gear. Every purchase adds fuel to our mission to build and promote the good things in life. 

Thank you for your support!